Sep 30, 2012

Spontaneous Taipei Trip | Butaya & Wendels Cafe

Oh Taipei, you never managed to leave from my top list of spontaneous travel spots. Perhaps being able to read and speak, its somewhere I always feel safe.

4D3N completely unplanned, just focused on eats. It was bright and sunny the whole time *blessed face. First up a katsu place - 
16 Lane 51, Section 1, Daan Road Taipei
 蘆筍里脊豬排卷 Asparagus Tenderloin Pork Roll
Deep fried pork wrapped asparagus. Pork was deep fried yet juicy and feels light to the taste. The green taste of asparagus brings out the sweetness of the meat. For the record pork katsu is probably one of my least favourite food on earth, I actually liked this! According to someone who loves fried food, this is like a 9.5 (whoa that high!).
乳酪里脊豬排 Cheese Tenderloin Pork
The cheese is mild. It is probably tame chedder for adding a tad of chewiness to the stiffness of the deep fried meat. The perfect amount of taste explode in your lips without overpowering. 
Funded by Jay Chou (pop singer in Taiwan), inside Butaya is the traditional dark sushi restaurant kind of design. We were surprised it was quite empty on a weekend morning. It is so relaxing compared to Hong Kong. When you first sit down, they give you sesame to grind for fun to mix with the katsu sauce (just like they give kids some dough to play at Bertuccis lol). 

I also adored the choice of their dishes. We only ordered 2 dishes and above is everything that came with!  It reminds me of Not only it was bon apetite, it was some eye candy. I felt like a king paying only US$25 lol. As much as I don't like fried food (at all), I highly recommend this place for its food and ambience.

5 Dexing West Road, Shilin District, Taipei
 Just passed this cafe while looking for another one we couldnt find. It was damn hot outside so we decided to drop by for some icy cappuccino, which I think was more than an awesome choice. We also got panna cotta and mango cake to try. While sitting at the outdoor area, I spotted some Taiwanese TV celebrities  inside the store having tea! But I couldnt think of their names on top of my head la, I just thought huh celebrities come here uh *stupid grin.

More to come for this Taiwan trip la, but in conclusion I was just eating non-stop.
I can probably use the below 2 pictures to sum up the whole trip -

wtf. talk to you all laterr.

Next up. September favourites!

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