Oct 7, 2012

Gel | Cream | Sleeping Masks Overview & Reviews

Being a beauty fanatic, its engraved in my brain that having good skin is an absolute equation to preventing all other skin issue (fine lines, wrinkles, acne, big pores, hyper-pigmentation etc) and the idea of being a cheap ass allows myself to continuously purchase random masks to try out in order to save cost from going to facial salons.

The summer is about gone and autumn is chasing up like winds.
If I don't keep my skin cleaned and moisturized, I die from dryness and wrinkles... then die wtf
Gel / Cream masks that I have been using lately during showers / sleeping.

1 | Queen Helene Grape Seed Extract Peel Off Masque
It cleans clogged pores, softens facial lines, soothes and tones skin. With antioxidant properties, it has a tighten effect and does what it claims. However the alcohol in this masks is too strong. I can barely use it with contact lens on otherwise my eyes would turn bright red. As much as I see instant result of cleansed pores without any stiffness, I at most use it once every month.

2 | mG Red Wine Whitening Squeeze Mask
Designed to be in a capri sun containers (ah I miss drinking them), this was a discovery last when I was on a business trip in Beijing last month. mG is probably a more trusty Chinese brand and it is a new discovery of mine. The mask is in a light gel soothing consistency that smells like red wine. I love this mask for a quick brightening and moisturizing boost to the skin. Speaking of getting drunk in the shower wtf

3 | Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque
My go-to deep cleanse mask, its affordable to help dry up acne pimples, rinse away blackheads and shrink enlarged pores. When a light layer is on about 10 minutes, the mask starts to uplift and tighten, it's time to wash off all the mask that have crawled up with all the dirts the skin.

4 | Limi Rose Sonnet Whitening Mask
Another China discovery, I actually started to love this brand while studying abroad in Shanghai in 09. Their honey sleeping mask never failed to impress me. This rose one is similar to the mG one in the brightening / whitening department but the consistency is a tad thicker. The sales person told me that this can be doubled up as a sleeping mask. Its refreshing and makes your face smell like rose garden with actual rose flicks.

5 | Boots Skin Kindly Gentle Moisturizing Mask 
With no scent or artificial color, even sensitive skin would love this mask. I often use this as a sleeping mask as it is just straight up moisture pumping into the skin. The 75ml bottle has lasted me for years (I know it has probably expired but my skin hasn't been broken out by it so I don't care wtf). I highly recommend it if you can pick it up if you still see it around.

6 | Lush Cupcake mask 
Full review is HERE. To keep it short it extremely deep cleanses, lifting without the stiffness. Great for ones who constantly wear foundation / base makeup or ones who have oily / acne prone skin.

7 | My Scheming Camellia Night Jelly
Taiwanese brand alternatively to My Beauty Diary. This Camellia sleeping mask is dry to the touch after it is set and gives a pleasant camellia smell throughout the night. In terms of actual functions, I do not think this one is anything particular but if you are looking for an non-sticky alternative to the most known Laneige sleeping pack, My scheming Camellia Night Jelly would be a good cheap option.

I often tend to use paper maks before I go to bed but I never find the time to use gel /cream masks even though I have so many! A good tip I got form my salon beautician is to use them during shower. The hot steam would open up the pores and let the mask ingredients sink. Using affordable masks targeting to your needs more often is more effective than using expensive masks. Now go home, remove your makeup, get your mask on and take a hot shower!

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