Apr 20, 2010

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Steel Grey Review

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in 270 Steel Grey

Lasting Power:
I just put it on so I dont know yet
Very creamy and smooth
Pigmentation: Very good as well, 2 layers already give a opaque application

* I will come back with the lasting power later on.. I just got too excited to share this here

I always have my nails painted but I usually prefer light colors on my fingers, usually pale pink or nude. But recently I have been wanting a brownish taupe nail color, I was never able to find any OPIs nearby.. nowhere carries them near my school area. I never like buying nail polishes online because I cant really tell the differences and there are always overwhelmingly too many choices :(! so the other day I went to Target. They actually dont have a lot of choices but fortunately enough I found the perfect color from Rimmel :D:D Its not to dark, not too light and does not darken my yellow undertone skin. Besides its $1 off! It was orginally only around $4 and now its $3. yay! The only thing I dont like is the cap feels a little cheap.. It would squeak a lil when closing. But for $3., I am not going to complain :) The product itself is great and a nice alternative to try out before buying nicer and more expensive nail polishes like OPI, Essie or china glaze, Definitely!

So I am back with the review of the lasting power. I was actually little surprised because there is no chipping even after 3 days! (As a reference, opi usually chips on me after 4 days) The thing I really like about it is that the paint only recedes but wouldnt chip or crack (see picture below) Im more than impressed and thinking purchasing more from this line.

I had to remove the color and to change to a lighter color becaz I am so NOT used to having darker shades on my finger nails.  And the sticker is falling off lol -_-


  1. very pretty, i like the flower detail on 1 finger look :)

  2. I like this eggplant color on you. Love the flower as well. Pls update and let us know the wear time.

  3. Omg I love your blog! : D it's so cute!

    That color is wonderful, btw.
    I'm following - yay me ; D

    You're pretty.. >_<

  4. @Edwinda: Thank you. It was just a sticker that fell off after 3 days lol.
    @Iamlisaaa: Thanks :D
    @naturalnchicmakeup: I am back with the wear time review now. I never thought about eggplant until you mentioned it haha but your so right.
    @나니: Thank you thank you. I love your blog as well!

  5. 你的nails好漂亮。我觉得你 应该开一间 nail salon! wakakak ;)


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