May 26, 2010

Mac Melba

Have been longing for a pink blush for the longest time! Finally went to the mac store yesterday to pick out a pink-ish blush. <3<3

In order not to judge the product by its name after reading/hearing many others' reviews, I just chose the color I wanted the most only based on how it looks. I first picked out a baby pink color (oops, did not notice the name) but it was too dull on me. My skin tone is wicked weird. Unlike most of the azn girls, warm colors actually suit me better then cold. After I compared two colors and I decided to pick this one because it instantly brightened my skin. Perfect for SuMMERRRR (my fav season :D)

Thing is I purchased without looking at the name. I then looked at the box while I was stuck in traffic when I drove home and whooo it is Melba. I remember hearing something good about it somewhere. As superstitious as it sounds, I felt like I bought something SO worthy *dumb

According to the mac website, Melba is a soft coral-peach hue with a matte finish. See no matter how hard I tried to escape from coral colors I just keep falling for it because it really suits me 10000 times better than baby pink. 

What is your fav blush color?? Any recommendations?


  1. Oh, that's pretty! I always love pink blushes, but I haven't tried this one. I like Mac Dame (it's a pretty pink). Thanks for sharing :)


  2. I'm a fan of pink blushes too haha--it's my go-to shade when I don't know what else to wear XD This one is a bit on the beige side, no? Nonetheless, it's very pretty and natural on you :)

  3. i like mac emote and tenderling. emote is discontinued but you can find it at the cco: GREAT for countouring. lovesss it.

  4. It suits you very well!
    I'm using FOOLISH ME, its a VEERY pink color. Must use with warning :)

  5. I heard such great things about this blush color. thank you for showing on you. That's what I really needed... hehe~ :)

  6. You look great with that blush! My favourite blush is by Laneige called Multi Glam Blusher in 10. It's a coral colour, but I'm almost finished with the product and I don't know where to find it in Canada :(

    btw, I gave you a blog award! Come to my blog to check it out :) You are always so sweet, and I really enjoy reading your blog :D

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  8. what a great skin~~ sweety

  9. awww you got a pink blush! love it love it lovie! =]

  10. omg i just read about melba blush yesterday!!
    i suit more orangey coral blushes too.. i dont think my skin tone is white enough to do pinks even though i'd really like to use it!

    have you tried Majolica OR211(i think thats the number)? or maybelline's peach mineral blush (the powder form)? laura mercier in peach mosaic is pretty nice too! has nice shimmers :)


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